Trustworthy AI for Seamless Problem Solving:
Next Generation Intelligence Joins Robust Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence is entering more and more our lives with the goal of supporting and helping us as humans in our homes, at our workplace and as a society as such. As we want to benefit from these technologies, at the same time we want to be able to trust how they operate and to be able to understand their decisions. The goal of trustworthy AI therefore is to offer intelligent methods and agents that

  • produce robust and adaptive behavior in real world scenarios,
  • are transparent in their decision making as they are able to justify and explain their decisions.

The Dataninja research training group is focused on developing novel methods in this area of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to make AI more robust, easier to integrate, more trustworthy, and more secure. In particular, the research program is aiming to provide progress with regard to three dedicated domains:

  • Consider Artificial Intelligence as a catalyst for data analysis and data mining in science;
  • establish AI as part of the whole value chain for business and production;
  • develop trustworthy AI algorithm considering societal challenges.

Dataninja connects leading research groups in AI in North Rhine-Westphalia and offers young academics an ideal opportunity to establish their own research in the core areas of AI as part of an excellent network.


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